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The Double-Entendre Problem of Behavior Analysis Jargon: A Content-Independent Impediment to Dissemination
Thomas Critchfield, PhD

Why Every Behavior Analyst Working with Persons With Autism 
Needs to Incorporate Derived Relational Responding Training into Clinical Practice
Mark Dixon, PhD, BCBA-D
ABA, Adolescents and Challenging Behavior
Richard Foxx, PhD, BCBA-D

Treatment Response to Two Models of Early Behavioral Interventions for ASD
Mary Louise Kerwin, PhD, BCBA-D

A Randomized Controlled Trial of an iOS-Based App for Toilet Training Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Daniel Mruzek, PhD, BCBA-D

Considerations for Behavior Analysts when Implementing Punishment Procedures
Kathryn Glodowski,