PennABA, founded in 1997 by Richard M. Foxx and William Helsel, was created to address the growing need to support behavior analysis in the state of Pennsylvania. Nearly two decades later, this continues to be the association's primary objective. Behavior analysts living in PA or the surrounding area should strongly consider becoming PennABA members. PennABA events provide members with opportunities to learn about new technologies, guidelines to navigate ethical quandaries, and review of foundational principles (all while getting CEUs). Additionally, PennABA members can network and socialize with other like-minded behavior analysts in the state. There has never been a better time to be a PennABA member – be part of the organization that serves your interests in PA.

Membership Requirements and Dues

Full Membership. Must hold a terminal degree in behavior analysis (or some related discipline) and/or full-time professional employment involving behavior analysis. Full-members vote on matters of interest to the organization and are able to hold office. Annual Membership Dues = $65.00 .

Affiliate Membership. Anyone interested in the discipline of behavior analysis, but who lacks formal training. Affiliate members enjoy all the benefits of membership except the right to vote on matters of interest to the organization and the right to hold office in PennABA. Annual Membership Dues = $65.00. 

Student Membership. Anyone currently enrolled in a behavior analysis (or some related discipline) training program, who is not yet gainfully. Student members may not vote or hold office. Annual Membership Dues = $35.00 .

Benefits of PennABA Membership
     - Reduced registration fee to PennABA events.
     - Receive the annual PennABA Newsletter.
     - Listing of employment opportunities in the region.
     - Communication network for sharing and receiving information.